Friday, October 22, 2010

Colorful Fall

Happy Friday, everyone. You know, I almost talked myself out of writing today. It seems there is a never ending list of those types of calls to be made to straighten out problems. When I read yesterday’s mail this morning, I learned that $185 was automatically taken out of our checking acct. for our car insurance which I had already cancelled in order to get insurance here in TN. By the time I got that done and added new payees to my online bill pay, I was not in the mood to start fresh, first thing in the morning and write, but I thought of the cute pictures I want to post, and because I enjoyed reading your wonderful comments and emails I received last week, I was inspired to write.

Because I live with a musician, I get the added treat every day for a couple of weeks before Halloween listening to Jim practice all of those frightening popular tunes such as Tocata and Fugue in D Minor. On Halloween, we get dressed up in some type of Dracula garb and Jim hauls out his keyboard that sounds like an organ out to the front of our home as he plays and I hand out the candy. That is how we met many of our neighbors when we moved to Florida – two of which became close friends. Hi Ann and Steve

I’m posting pictures we took last week when we went to one of the many pumpkin farms here. This is one we went to in Smyrna. Gosh, was it ever cute. Maybe I don’t get around much, but I have never been through a corn maze. It was intended for children, but I got a kick out of it. It would have been even more fun with my adorable grandchildren. I’m so excited because I will be seeing them, the rest of my family, and my No. Ca. friends for Thanksgiving. Yippee!!

A couple more of the pictures I am posting are from the World Festival we attended a couple of weeks ago at Centennial Park in Nashville. That is some park. Looks like we are in Greece. WOW! Not only were there people from all over the world represented there, but it is that way every day here. This area reminds me of being in San Francisco. We love people from here, there, and everywhere. We are hoping my little stories and pictures will inspire you to visit us. This area is so awesome. I haven’t captured the gorgeous fall colors very well, but hope to do that this weekend. I am including one. Driving home is a pleasure as we gaze at the tree-lined curvy road with multitude of fall foliage.

Since the elections are so close and so very important, I just have to mention a few things. Again, as usual I am really encouraging you to listen to with Amy Goodman, if you are not already, so you can hear interviews and go behind the scenes to learn the truth and not just what is on broadcast news. We are at a very pivotal time now. I recently heard Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning Economist being interviewed about why our economy is in the state it is in. Just check out Amazon for his latest book, FreeFall: America Free Markets, and The Sinking of the World Economy. I also remember hearing John Jeter speaking about the economy. His most recent book is Flat Broke In the Free Market: How Globalization fleeced working people. I wish I had my list in front of me, but I do have a page filled with books, websites, radio shows, documentaries, movies, etc. where you can learn the truth of what is going on and vote accordingly. If anyone wants me to send that list, please ask, and I will gladly send it to you.

It is so very important that the Tea Baggers and Republicans don’t get back in office. It will take time to get out of the mess Bush made. They are talking about eliminating the minimum wage, and privatizing social security. Imagine if Bush was able to do that as he attempted, then all would have been lost with the stock market crash. I could go on and on, but what they are advocating is darn right frightening. Some of my friends say they are not political or don’t have time for this, but if ever there was a time to get involved it is NOW.

Another thing we can do is sit quietly, breathe, relax and visualize a peaceful world where people are gainfully employed, business is booming, people have affordable, fair health care plans, children are being educated, and we change to sustainable, environmentally friendly ways to live on our planet. Okay, sing along now, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me… tra,la, la, la..

Until next time my friends. Live creatively, love passionately, laugh uncontrollably, and learn constantly.

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Wishing you much love and magical moments.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Osha is back - My story

Happy Friday, everyone. Howdy, ya'all, as some say in Tennessee. I've been fixin to write for a while, but just too busy to actually do it. I had a few friends call me to see if I was still alive. I haven't emailed or posted on FB for a long time.

OMG - Moving is a full time job!!! I used PODS to move from Santa Barbara to Florida just 2 years ago and it was perfect. This time it turned out to be quite frustrating, irritating, and upsetting. Nothing wrong with PODS. The problem was that even though I sold many things including sofa, book cases, and other big and little things, all would not fit into the PODS. I guess I had acquired more than I thought. We ended up leaving behind a new pillow- top mattress set, bed frame for our bed, oak file cabinet, vacuum cleaner, nice office chair, etc. etc. etc. Okay, I know about simplifying, but easier said than done.

Romeo in car

Even though the professional movers packed the PODS very expertly, they could not fit some essentials in like the base to our dining room table. The chairs and glass top were inside the POD, but without the base, there is no dining room table. Also, left behind was a treasured end table, and 7 foot silk tree. Since we had to have the base of the table, we decided to attempt to take these last three items in our packed to the brim car. There was nowhere else to put these items except for the top of the car. Jim was a genius to figure that out. See the picture of us as the Hillbillies driving on the freeway with a tree on top of our car!!

When we arrived in TN, we found a great hotel suite where we would stay until we found a place to live. It would have been just fine except that Romeo, our cat, loves to roam at night. He has always had a pet door to come and go as he pleases. Since we needed to slide a card just to get into the hotel and swipe the card again to get into our room, it was not possible to easily let him out. His instincts kick in when it becomes dark and he cries, whines, and howls to be let out. Our sweet, quiet cat ended up sounding as if he was possessed by demons as his howling became guttural deep and frightening. Not conducive to our getting a good night’s sleep. We let him out after a few nights of that. But, because he was nowhere to be seen for 3 days, I thought he was gone for good and started grieving my loss, but then he showed up in the parking lot. Once he came back he lost all of his roaming privileges which means we lost our sleeping privileges. Jim was ready to pay for him to be in another hotel room. Not so practical. Jim thought of the solution to our problem. Romeo was going to be in his car at night. It worked. Apparently, Romeo even looked forward to it because he would go into his cat carrier waiting for one of us to take him out.

Our view

My job has been to look for a house to buy. With prices and interest rates so low, we thought we would trust that we will be here for many years and purchase rather than rent. Since living with Romeo in a hotel was not exactly what I would call a joyful experience, my job was to find a home to buy as quickly as possible. First I was taken around for a few days by a sweet real estate lady who found beautiful homes, but not the grand view Jim and I wanted. So I decided to do it my way. The next morning I lit a candle and visualized what our home would look like. I sat in a meditative state for a while then got on the internet to search. I found this house in a new development right after I had breakfast that very morning. It has a vista view of trees and hills and deer that come onto our property. A home in this setting would be in the million dollar range in Santa Barbara, and that is no exaggeration!! Even though Jim liked it a lot, he still wanted me to see if I could find anything better. After looking 8 hours a day, every day for over a week, I could not find a better house with the view ours has. We knew it was the very best one. This home is only 7 minutes to shopping, 20 minutes to Jim's job, 20 minutes to Nashville, and 15 minutes to Percy Priest lake where Jim has his catamaran. Not only is the house amazing, but the realtor, Patty, Krystal, construction supervisor, Aaron, and Rodney, mortgage lender and his associates have all been so exceptionally wonderful. It was an amazing feat how they all worked together to get everything done so quickly for us.
Patty, Jim and me signing papers

I love the woods. There are trees and hills everywhere. It’s very modern with lots and lots of restaurants and stores of all kind. It is much more cosmopolitan than I expected. There are people here from all over the world. And, oh by the way, we went sailing, and it was so serene because the lake is set in a forest.

We are in our new home now and unpacking. Now, that is a whole entire job in itself. As you all know, it is not just opening boxes and deciding where to put everything, but all of the calls that need to be made to start up everything, and countless other things that need to be done. It seems like that would be simple, but it takes hours and is exhausting.

All is great though. Love, really love, love, love our new home and this area. We traded seeing dolphins for deer in our backyard.

I googled yoga classes in Franklin, TN since I was going to be there last Fri. (only 20 min. from my home) I took a class in a wonderful studio with an instructor with a TN accent and was certified from Ananda in Nevada City - where I got my first certification. She was fantastic. I am very enthusiastic about what I plan to do here. In fact, the manager of order taking (forgot her official title) at Jim's work wants me to do their special event for Xmas. She always surprises her team with something for the holidays. She looked at all my websites and saw yoga parties on StretchBreak and asked me to do that for them.

Oh, forgot to mention something most important that makes this all possible. Jim got a fantastic job here and the best part is that he loves his new job, boss, and co-workers.

I will be in No CA for Thanksgiving. I sure wish SB was closer. Don't know if I can swing a trip out that way, but I will keep that option open if possible. We incurred a ton of expenses, but one day, when I visit CA. it will include trips to SB too. I haven’t forgotten my beloved friends in Florida. I will visit ya’all too.

I will end with this. Our neighbor brought us brownies to welcome us to the neighborhood. How sweet is that??

Live creatively, love passionately, laugh uncontrollably, and learn constantly. Until next time, my friends.

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Love and many blessings,
Osha Ray