Friday, December 10, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. When I started writing my blog, I really thought this would be a weekly blog…..but, it seems life somehow has all kinds of twists and turns and our best plans don’t seem to work out. So, I will alert you when I do write.

Front view of our new home

View from our deck

If you have been following me, you know that having moved from Santa Barbara to St. Petersburg, and after only living in Florida two years, we just recently moved to Nashville, TN. And, no, it is not because we enjoy moving so much. If you haven’t done it recently, let me remind you that it is no fun, I guarantee you. I must say my philosophy based on metaphysical principals has been and will be to believe that everything is happening for our highest good. The advantage of thinking this way, is that our belief creates our reality so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, there might be bumps in the road, but I feel these just make us stronger if we believe that, we grow and learn from them.

If you would have asked me to name 50 or more places I would like to live, I would have not included Nashville. I never have been to Nashville and didn’t know that much about it. This is where we ended up when Jim was offered a great job. I love the friendly people, the woods, the lakes, the cosmopolitan feel and diversity the area offers. Not to mention the amazing brand new affordable home we purchased with enormous high ceilings and views of our very own deer preserve. I absolutely love it here! Who knew???

It is time consuming and fun to buy new furniture, washer, dryer, stuff for our new home. I am not complaining. Also, I am helping the economy single handed by being such a good consumer. You should see all the books I have on lively simply and cutting our consumption. Most of the time, I really do that, but I think that we must go with the flow and know when to make exceptions. I am decorating in a Zen motif. That counts, right?
Daughter, Monica and granddaughters, Ruby and Maezy

Ruby and me

Son-in-law Chris and Maezy

Daughter, Sheila, grandson, Calvin, son-in-law Chris

Granddaughters, left to right Erika and Kelli

Sister-in-law Linda and brother, Maurice

one of my favorite places to hang out in Sacramento, The Tower Cafe
 In the midst of all of this, I took time out to travel to No. Ca. to spend Thanksgiving with my daughters and celebrate my “baby” brother’s 60th birthday. I love hanging out with my grown up kids and their great husbands, grandbabies, family members and friends. I do feel sad that I live so far away and can’t just drop in for coffee and a visit. We do have webcam and vow to use it more frequently.

You know I always add in something political or inspirational. Because of my brilliant husband who I adore, I am way more political than I ever was. We take the time to podcast shows such as,, and read emails from, watch Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, and read books such as Thom Hartmann, “Screwed,” Max Blumentahl, “Republican Gomorrah,” Chris Hedges, “Empire of Illusion,” and many others.

I used to put my entire attention on metaphysical beliefs which are to put one’s attention on what we prefer rather than focus any energy on what we don’t want. This goes, of course, not only for our personal lives, but the world at large. I still do that, but I want to know the truth of what is going on in the world. I feel I want to help inform and help the people of our great country be healthy and abundant. It certainly is easy to get confused when corporatists own the media and spin the truth.

The good news is that whatever we do is right. It is our “real life drama” and we get to write the script! I love books such as “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, and “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. I refer to them often to keep myself on track. When we remember to be aware of our thoughts so we create the life we prefer not the one based on negative thoughts, then we reap the rewards. One thought that I had that made me miserable was trying to live up to presumed expectations others had of me. What thoughts make you miserable? Awareness is so important because once we are aware, we can make adjustments.

Wishing you much love and many magical moments. Thank you. Osha Ray

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Colorful Fall

Happy Friday, everyone. You know, I almost talked myself out of writing today. It seems there is a never ending list of those types of calls to be made to straighten out problems. When I read yesterday’s mail this morning, I learned that $185 was automatically taken out of our checking acct. for our car insurance which I had already cancelled in order to get insurance here in TN. By the time I got that done and added new payees to my online bill pay, I was not in the mood to start fresh, first thing in the morning and write, but I thought of the cute pictures I want to post, and because I enjoyed reading your wonderful comments and emails I received last week, I was inspired to write.

Because I live with a musician, I get the added treat every day for a couple of weeks before Halloween listening to Jim practice all of those frightening popular tunes such as Tocata and Fugue in D Minor. On Halloween, we get dressed up in some type of Dracula garb and Jim hauls out his keyboard that sounds like an organ out to the front of our home as he plays and I hand out the candy. That is how we met many of our neighbors when we moved to Florida – two of which became close friends. Hi Ann and Steve

I’m posting pictures we took last week when we went to one of the many pumpkin farms here. This is one we went to in Smyrna. Gosh, was it ever cute. Maybe I don’t get around much, but I have never been through a corn maze. It was intended for children, but I got a kick out of it. It would have been even more fun with my adorable grandchildren. I’m so excited because I will be seeing them, the rest of my family, and my No. Ca. friends for Thanksgiving. Yippee!!

A couple more of the pictures I am posting are from the World Festival we attended a couple of weeks ago at Centennial Park in Nashville. That is some park. Looks like we are in Greece. WOW! Not only were there people from all over the world represented there, but it is that way every day here. This area reminds me of being in San Francisco. We love people from here, there, and everywhere. We are hoping my little stories and pictures will inspire you to visit us. This area is so awesome. I haven’t captured the gorgeous fall colors very well, but hope to do that this weekend. I am including one. Driving home is a pleasure as we gaze at the tree-lined curvy road with multitude of fall foliage.

Since the elections are so close and so very important, I just have to mention a few things. Again, as usual I am really encouraging you to listen to with Amy Goodman, if you are not already, so you can hear interviews and go behind the scenes to learn the truth and not just what is on broadcast news. We are at a very pivotal time now. I recently heard Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning Economist being interviewed about why our economy is in the state it is in. Just check out Amazon for his latest book, FreeFall: America Free Markets, and The Sinking of the World Economy. I also remember hearing John Jeter speaking about the economy. His most recent book is Flat Broke In the Free Market: How Globalization fleeced working people. I wish I had my list in front of me, but I do have a page filled with books, websites, radio shows, documentaries, movies, etc. where you can learn the truth of what is going on and vote accordingly. If anyone wants me to send that list, please ask, and I will gladly send it to you.

It is so very important that the Tea Baggers and Republicans don’t get back in office. It will take time to get out of the mess Bush made. They are talking about eliminating the minimum wage, and privatizing social security. Imagine if Bush was able to do that as he attempted, then all would have been lost with the stock market crash. I could go on and on, but what they are advocating is darn right frightening. Some of my friends say they are not political or don’t have time for this, but if ever there was a time to get involved it is NOW.

Another thing we can do is sit quietly, breathe, relax and visualize a peaceful world where people are gainfully employed, business is booming, people have affordable, fair health care plans, children are being educated, and we change to sustainable, environmentally friendly ways to live on our planet. Okay, sing along now, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me… tra,la, la, la..

Until next time my friends. Live creatively, love passionately, laugh uncontrollably, and learn constantly.

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Wishing you much love and magical moments.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Osha is back - My story

Happy Friday, everyone. Howdy, ya'all, as some say in Tennessee. I've been fixin to write for a while, but just too busy to actually do it. I had a few friends call me to see if I was still alive. I haven't emailed or posted on FB for a long time.

OMG - Moving is a full time job!!! I used PODS to move from Santa Barbara to Florida just 2 years ago and it was perfect. This time it turned out to be quite frustrating, irritating, and upsetting. Nothing wrong with PODS. The problem was that even though I sold many things including sofa, book cases, and other big and little things, all would not fit into the PODS. I guess I had acquired more than I thought. We ended up leaving behind a new pillow- top mattress set, bed frame for our bed, oak file cabinet, vacuum cleaner, nice office chair, etc. etc. etc. Okay, I know about simplifying, but easier said than done.

Romeo in car

Even though the professional movers packed the PODS very expertly, they could not fit some essentials in like the base to our dining room table. The chairs and glass top were inside the POD, but without the base, there is no dining room table. Also, left behind was a treasured end table, and 7 foot silk tree. Since we had to have the base of the table, we decided to attempt to take these last three items in our packed to the brim car. There was nowhere else to put these items except for the top of the car. Jim was a genius to figure that out. See the picture of us as the Hillbillies driving on the freeway with a tree on top of our car!!

When we arrived in TN, we found a great hotel suite where we would stay until we found a place to live. It would have been just fine except that Romeo, our cat, loves to roam at night. He has always had a pet door to come and go as he pleases. Since we needed to slide a card just to get into the hotel and swipe the card again to get into our room, it was not possible to easily let him out. His instincts kick in when it becomes dark and he cries, whines, and howls to be let out. Our sweet, quiet cat ended up sounding as if he was possessed by demons as his howling became guttural deep and frightening. Not conducive to our getting a good night’s sleep. We let him out after a few nights of that. But, because he was nowhere to be seen for 3 days, I thought he was gone for good and started grieving my loss, but then he showed up in the parking lot. Once he came back he lost all of his roaming privileges which means we lost our sleeping privileges. Jim was ready to pay for him to be in another hotel room. Not so practical. Jim thought of the solution to our problem. Romeo was going to be in his car at night. It worked. Apparently, Romeo even looked forward to it because he would go into his cat carrier waiting for one of us to take him out.

Our view

My job has been to look for a house to buy. With prices and interest rates so low, we thought we would trust that we will be here for many years and purchase rather than rent. Since living with Romeo in a hotel was not exactly what I would call a joyful experience, my job was to find a home to buy as quickly as possible. First I was taken around for a few days by a sweet real estate lady who found beautiful homes, but not the grand view Jim and I wanted. So I decided to do it my way. The next morning I lit a candle and visualized what our home would look like. I sat in a meditative state for a while then got on the internet to search. I found this house in a new development right after I had breakfast that very morning. It has a vista view of trees and hills and deer that come onto our property. A home in this setting would be in the million dollar range in Santa Barbara, and that is no exaggeration!! Even though Jim liked it a lot, he still wanted me to see if I could find anything better. After looking 8 hours a day, every day for over a week, I could not find a better house with the view ours has. We knew it was the very best one. This home is only 7 minutes to shopping, 20 minutes to Jim's job, 20 minutes to Nashville, and 15 minutes to Percy Priest lake where Jim has his catamaran. Not only is the house amazing, but the realtor, Patty, Krystal, construction supervisor, Aaron, and Rodney, mortgage lender and his associates have all been so exceptionally wonderful. It was an amazing feat how they all worked together to get everything done so quickly for us.
Patty, Jim and me signing papers

I love the woods. There are trees and hills everywhere. It’s very modern with lots and lots of restaurants and stores of all kind. It is much more cosmopolitan than I expected. There are people here from all over the world. And, oh by the way, we went sailing, and it was so serene because the lake is set in a forest.

We are in our new home now and unpacking. Now, that is a whole entire job in itself. As you all know, it is not just opening boxes and deciding where to put everything, but all of the calls that need to be made to start up everything, and countless other things that need to be done. It seems like that would be simple, but it takes hours and is exhausting.

All is great though. Love, really love, love, love our new home and this area. We traded seeing dolphins for deer in our backyard.

I googled yoga classes in Franklin, TN since I was going to be there last Fri. (only 20 min. from my home) I took a class in a wonderful studio with an instructor with a TN accent and was certified from Ananda in Nevada City - where I got my first certification. She was fantastic. I am very enthusiastic about what I plan to do here. In fact, the manager of order taking (forgot her official title) at Jim's work wants me to do their special event for Xmas. She always surprises her team with something for the holidays. She looked at all my websites and saw yoga parties on StretchBreak and asked me to do that for them.

Oh, forgot to mention something most important that makes this all possible. Jim got a fantastic job here and the best part is that he loves his new job, boss, and co-workers.

I will be in No CA for Thanksgiving. I sure wish SB was closer. Don't know if I can swing a trip out that way, but I will keep that option open if possible. We incurred a ton of expenses, but one day, when I visit CA. it will include trips to SB too. I haven’t forgotten my beloved friends in Florida. I will visit ya’all too.

I will end with this. Our neighbor brought us brownies to welcome us to the neighborhood. How sweet is that??

Live creatively, love passionately, laugh uncontrollably, and learn constantly. Until next time, my friends.

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Love and many blessings,
Osha Ray

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lost Job, Got Job

Ben (far left.),Megan (far rt.) Jim and me (Center) Ben's going away party. He got a job in Austin.

Happy Friday, everyone. Yes, I didn’t write for 2 weeks. Thank you to those that checked in with me to make sure I was all right. How thoughtful of you and appreciated by me.

I know I have been pretty darned political in my last several blogs. Some of you love it, and some don’t. But, lately, I find that worldly stuff is just too important to ignore. In this blog, I will just quote a section from a book, and then move on to what’s going on in my life and share, once again, inspirational stuff.

Excerpted from “Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” edited by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan, the chapter entitled, If You See Something Say Something:

It’s too painful to go there, I’m headed outside for a smoke. It’s too painful to go there, I’m busy learning Italian. It’s too painful to go there, my therapist told me to stay positive. She said that whatever I experience is up to me, that I create my own world. My guru said the same thing. I see children swallowing pharmaceuticals to get through the day. I see arbitrary national borders separating us from our humanity. I see two wolves fighting in my heart, one vengeful and the other compassionate. Which one will I feed today? Will I behave as if the god in all of life matters? Or will I come after you, blaming and accusing? Which one will I feed today?

Take a moment and think about that last few sentences. Wow!

What’s been up with me? Big news was that my husband’s last day on his job in Florida was July 9th. Even though we knew that was a possibility because he is a contractor, it is still quite shocking when you learn you will be unemployed. That of course, translates into “There will be no more income.” I teach yoga classes, so we all know that does not pay the bills. Well, it used to at one point when I lived in Santa Barbara, but I taught a heck of a lot of classes and supplemented that income with being a body worker, hypnotherapist, and wedding officiant.

Of course, we both went through the phases of loss and then since we are both very spiritual, we knew it was time to find our center and create a new job. Of course, Jim did all of the necessary things in order to find a new job. So do thousands and thousands of people. And, yes, he has fantastic qualifications. But, so do thousands and thousands of people. Now, it can be called “good luck.” But, since we both are metaphysical, we know it has to do with the spiritual laws of the universe. I mentioned this in many of my other posts. It is imperative to TRUST! You have to really believe, trust, have faith you will get a job. And, not just a job, oh no, you have to trust you will get the job that will feed your soul as well as your body.

Jim wrote out what he would like to have in his new job including the “feeling” stuff, like being valued and appreciated, etc. When he was done, we lit a candle and visualized him doing the work he likes in an atmosphere that is conducive to well-being and being paid the salary he deserves. Next, we just believed he would get that job. We didn’t have any doubts. We did not care that facts say this is the worst economy in a long time. We didn’t care that more IT work is outsourced to other countries. We did not care about any negative “facts.” The most important thing was that Jim did what needed to be done to get interviews and just trusted the best job will be offered to him.

Jim’s last day, as I said, was July 9th, his new signed contract of employment was July 19th. If that wasn't great enough, two more positions were offered to him after he already signed with the company in Nashville. We were happy that Nashville came in first since we rather not have moved to New Jersey or Miami. But, it certainly was so wonderful to know that his interviews went so well he was offered three jobs!!

So this serves as a reminder to do your best to let go of the fear and doubt as soon as that thought comes in. Train your mind to think of what you prefer as your desired outcome. Practice, practice, practice, because it is a lifetime journey.

"Anything you desire to do, you can do ..... anything!"
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Live creatively, love passionately, laugh uncontrollably, and learn constantly  Until next time, my friends.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. Yes, I am at it again about living your life from your heart and embracing peace and harmony. Not because it is a nice thing to do and helps your life be healthier and happier, but because our world depends on it. I have attended several lectures over the last two weeks regarding the oil spill, war, climate change, etc. I have come to know that a sustainable world will only be possible by thinking differently.

We all have to roll up our sleeves and get to work. I just ordered 2 books on Amazon. One is “Shift Your Habit” by Elizabeth Rogers and “The Green Book: The Everday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step At A Time.” by the same author. Unfortunately, it is not just about one thing. We must be at peace with each other and we must live our lives differently by “shifting our habits.”

"The insanity of the collective egoic mind, amplified by science and technology, is rapidly taking our species to the brink of disaster. Evolve or die: that is our only choice now."

Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey

"Internal and external are ultimately one. When you no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear, and when there is no more fear, you think, speak and act differently. Love and compassion arise, and they affect the world."

Eckhart Tolle –

Two great quotes by Tolle. I highly recommend reading “ A New Earth.”  After you read it, refer back to it and practice, practice, practice living by the principles.

 The Mayan Prophecy of 2012
There is a science behind all of this. What exists at first in the imagination, visualized by enough people in a telepathic wave of love, will in time become a reality.
José Arguelles -

Free Ebooks by Spiritual Teacher, Nirmala:       

After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam, a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). After experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India, he has been offering satsang (gatherings for the truth) in the U.S. and internationally since 1998. Nirmala offers a unique vision and a gentle, compassionate approach, which adds to this rich tradition of inquiry into our true nature. He is the author of several books, including Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self and Living from the Heart. More information and FREE downloads of several of his books are available at: 

Awareness is the beginning of all separation. Prior to awareness, there is just oneness or "is-ness," with nothing separate from the oneness that would be able to experience it. With the birth of awareness comes the subtle distinction of two things: that which is aware and the object of awareness. And yet, those two are connected by this mysterious force we are calling awareness, or love.
This flow of awareness and love that connects you to all you experience is the true source of satisfaction and joy.

Here is an example of peace in action by communication, not by bombing and killing.

A DIALOGUE FOR PEACE               

The Iraq Peace; Reconciliation College Tour

A cross-cultural peace mission designed to open a direct line of communication between the American and Iraqi people and connect the next generation of leaders of our two countries.
An Interactive Forum to Build Relationships between the Next Generation of Leaders in America & Iraq
We are connecting the American and Iraqi people, outside of the influences of partisan media or governmental agendas.

On May 9th, 2010 Global Access Media facilitated a compassionate and groundbreaking dialogue between college students at University of California, Santa Barbara and Islamic University, Baghdad. This is the start of a new and hopeful relationship between the people of Iraq and America. It is a chance for a new beginning, a beginning that starts with a series of open and honest communication events. Join us on this peace mission that connects the next generation of leaders of America and Iraq and builds relationships for a peaceful future.
You can watch a 10 minute film of the groundbreaking peace dialogue HERE at

“My views of Americans have changed. I now see the American people as suffering with us and seeking peace with us. We plead that you repeat these dialogues again and again.”
 Iraqi student participant

“Just to see their faces, to laugh together, made an impact on me. We are much more similar than I realized. I now believe peace is definitely possible and communication is the key.”
- American student participant

As Eckhart Tolle said, “Evolve or die.” We must have absolute tolerance in order for all of us to survive or we will end up destroying everything.

For a few minutes of bliss, read this and then do it.  Close your eyes. Put your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly. Breathe slowly with the feeling “All is well in my world.” Do this for at least a few minutes. End this with taking in one big full breath through your nose, thinking you are breathing in health and well being, and big “haaaa” exhale with your mouth, thinking you are letting go to pain, suffering or any negativity. Now, don’t you feel a bit better?

Please forward this blog so we can get involved, work together and save ourselves and our planet.
If you are enjoying reading my blogs, please "follow" me and write comments or email me, and forward to friends. Thank you. Wishing you much love and many magical moments. Osha Ray

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Friday, June 25, 2010



Happy Friday, everyone. So many important issues now, I am finding it hard to get back to my fun, folksy writing for my blog. Most current right now is what is happening tomorrow, June 26th. People from all political affiliations will come together at locations across the country to join hands at noon for 15 minutes creating a metaphorical line in the sand. This is to stand together to show opposition to legalizing drilling off of Florida’s Gulf coasts. I could go on to write about the devastating effects, but I trust most everyone is aware of that. Earth has spoken and continues to speak out that we all must change our ways and find new sustainable ways to live. We must speak out. More information at

There are many ways to help. I have included some easy steps where all you need to do is say a simple prayer, or click on a link for your vote to be counted, or sign a petition that will be sent to President Obama.

Below is a quick prayer of 4 short sentences that is powerful not only for the Gulf, but for anything that needs healing in your life.

I have also included a link to click on youtube which will count as your vote to discontinue offshore drilling.

Also included for your convenience is a very interesting article written by Naomi Klein. Just scroll down for all. Please take a few minutes of your time to help insure we have all what is necessary to continue life on earth. We need to come together now.

Dr. Masaru Emoto author of Messages from Water Healing Prayer for the Gulf 
You may recognize Dr. Masaru Emoto as the scientist from Japan who has done all the research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research reveals that water physically responds to emotions.

Right now, many of us are feeling despair, grief, overwhelm, anger or a whole host of emotions when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. And while certainly our emotions are appropriate, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms, if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly offer the prayer that Dr Emoto, himself, has proposed. This prayer/intention incorporates Ho'onoponopono, the ancient Hawai'in practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures . . (Here is this simple, powerful prayer for the Gulf and for anything that needs healing.)

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you. "

We are not powerless. We are powerful. Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily...multiple times daily....can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening.
We don't have to know how......we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any power active in the Universe today.

(Another option below. Continue letter to the link to click on youtube for your vote to be counted)

Dear Friends,     

As we have noticed in our friends the majority of people on earth wish to have permanent peace for all nations and beings. It is obvious that the mass consciousness has changed in a positive direction and that humans are aware that “Mother Earth” has been damaged massively through predatory exploitation of the soil specially oil and the misuse of power.

Most of the humans have recognised, that we did not want to have these results and that we want to make a change now and immediately. They wish a change of the actual economic system and an active support in the reorganization process of the planet through implementing alternative energies and technologies as well as a better health system.

These people that belong to the dark side are now in minority, but still these dark Ones are able to suppress most of the humans through clever manipulation of their mind and free will. It is important that the “parity of power” will be re-structured, to terminate the force of the dark Ones which is executed through their technologies and power of economy.

The Galactic Federation which is, a community of many star nations that protect our Milky Way Galaxy, has offered many times their help to different governments, but they have refused it. The Galactic Federation are more than ready to help us directly to remove the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to master the worldwide economic crisis and the environmental damage and to develop alternative technologies that bring benefits to all human beings.

“A mandated authority” from us, the earth population will be needed and required to intervene in respect to the free will.

In that sense the Galactic Federation expects a cosmical mass Petition, which would ensure that they can come to us in peace. They are awaiting this moment for a long time, this moment, that they call the “Magic Moment” in which a mass of people would welcome them. Every single person that reads this petition has now the chance to show responsibility and as well the opportunity to create a positive change for the whole world.If you want to welcome them, if this is also your firm will to accept their support, then please act and perform the following steps:

Step 1:

click on to this youtube link, that counts in a symbolic way your “Vote”, like a “barometer”

Step 2.

click on the link to sign in to a mass petition

which will be directed to the President of America, Barack Obama

In Love and Gratitude
Petra Samoiski-Tierney & Friends
June the 18th 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: A Hole in the World  By Naomi Klein - June 19th, 2010

Published in The Guardian.

Everyone gathered for the town hall meeting had been repeatedly instructed to show civility to the gentlemen from BP and the federal government. These fine folks had made time in their busy schedules to come to a high school gymnasium on a Tuesday night in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, one of many coastal communities where brown poison was slithering through the marshes, part of what has come to be described as the largest environmental disaster in US history.

"Speak to others the way you would want to be spoken to," the chair of the meeting pleaded one last time before opening the floor for questions. And for a while the crowd, mostly made up of fishing families, showed remarkable restraint. They listened patiently to Larry Thomas, a genial BP public relations flack, as he told them that he was committed to "doing better" to process their claims for lost revenue – then passed all the details off to a markedly less friendly subcontractor. They heard out the suit from the Environmental Protection Agency as he informed them that, contrary to what they have read about the lack of testing and the product being banned in Britain, the chemical dispersant being sprayed on the oil in massive quantities was really perfectly safe.

But patience started running out by the third time Ed Stanton, a coast guard captain, took to the podium to reassure them that "the coast guard intends to make sure that BP cleans it up".

"Put it in writing!" someone shouted out. By now the air conditioning had shut itself off and the coolers of Budweiser were running low. A shrimper named Matt O'Brien approached the mic. "We don't need to hear this anymore," he declared, hands on hips. It didn't matter what assurances they were offered because, he explained, "we just don't trust you guys!" And with that, such a loud cheer rose up from the floor you'd have thought the Oilers (the unfortunately named school football team) had scored a touchdown.

The showdown was cathartic, if nothing else. For weeks residents had been subjected to a barrage of pep talks and extravagant promises coming from Washington, Houston and London. Every time they turned on their TVs, there was the BP boss, Tony Hayward, offering his solemn word that he would "make it right". Or else it was President Barack Obama expressing his absolute confidence that his administration would "leave the Gulf coast in better shape than it was before", that he was "making sure" it "comes back even stronger than it was before this crisis".

It all sounded great. But for people whose livelihoods put them in intimate contact with the delicate chemistry of the wetlands, it also sounded completely ridiculous, painfully so.

Read the rest of the article in The Guardian
Please forward this blog to all so we can get involved, work together and save ourselves and our planet.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. Many thanks for all who wrote words of love and support in your comments and emails. I am thrilled to know so many people read my blog. It is my intention to do what I can to inform, share, empower and even call to action.

I entitled this week’s blog “Everyday Grace,” because I love Marianne Williamson’s book by that title. Her writings are based on the teachings of the Course in Miracles which I have been studying for years. Quoting from her book, Everyday Grace,
 “What is not love, according to A Course in Miracles, is a call for love”.

Below is an excerpt from Everyday Grace
“Bless everyone mentioned in every news story, no matter where they stand or what they do. For what we bless is delivered to divine right order. Bless those who do harm, as well as those who do good, for any judgment blocks the light and keeps miracles at bay. Becoming emotionally reactive when we are confronted with darkness only serves to keep the darkness alive. Reacting to fear with fear merely feeds the fear. Instead, let us claim for ourselves the power of love. Read about war? Pray to be a peacemaker. Read about abused children? Pray to be an advocate for them. Read about corruption? Pray to be an active citizen who does his or her part to change that. Read about a reign of terror? Pray to see a loving world that exists in a realm beyond it, and for God to make you a significant part of the effort to bring it forth. We invoke another world first by simply accepting that it is there. It’s not, not something to be created, so much as something to be recognized. And that recognition is the miracle.”  

How powerful it would be to read this daily. We do make a difference in how we think, feel, and speak. We tend to forget this and need reminders. We must train ourselves to put our attention on what we prefer and that goes for worldly affairs as well as our own. When we think of war, oil catastrophe, climate change, job loss, or any of the countless areas where you would like things to be different, use your imagination to see as you would prefer it to be. Einstein said it best. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” We can do better than fighting, complaining, criticizing and blaming. We can spend that time becoming active and involved. We can spend that time using our imagination for any cause that will enhance the good for all. Or, we can do both by using our imagination and becoming active too. I know countless people already believe this and countless others think this is airy, fairy nonsense. This book might make a believer out of you!
Log on to Take a look at his book, The Language of the Divine Matrix.

If you want to see, hear or learn more, I recommend:

Sneak preview of this book at
Haven't seen this film yet, rent it now!

Enjoy your journey.

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Friday, June 11, 2010


BECAUSE  we love all God's children

Happy Friday, everyone. Because I received angry, threatening, scolding, hateful emails from my ex brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew, after they read my last blog, (scroll down to see June 4th blog) I am writing this blog on the power of love. I was born Jewish and was accused by them of being a self-hating Jew because I wrote about the Gaza Humanitarian Flotilla massacre. I speak out on injustice of any kind. Because I started on my spiritual journey 40 years ago, I have been on a path of love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. I have learned when anyone does anything that doesn’t come from a place of love, that person is disconnected from source and is acting out of fear. That doesn’t mean you have to have dinner with these people, but it is important to feel compassion for those that lash out at others. That behavior simply means they are in some sort of pain, be it emotional, physical or both which is caused by believing in fear thoughts. When anyone acts in ways which is not from a place of love, it is toxic for the one it is directed at, and also at the one expressing it. When we carry hate, anger or resentment inside of us, it causes unhappiness, illness, and an unsatisfying lifestyle. We must do our best to stay connected to source so we can stay in a state of love for ourselves and others. Practicing Yoga, meditation, chanting, walking in nature are some ways to become awakened to truth and become more enlightened. When our heart is open, we know we have nothing to fear when we act in loving ways. The truth is that “We are one.” When one is oppressed, all are oppressed. I believe in justice for all. There must be tolerance and respect for others. There is plenty for all when we work together.

I often hear, “Osha, you are so lucky.” Yes, I have my health and the love of my family. I have the most wonderful husband who not only loves me, but loves all people. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. I live in a beautiful home with a panoramic view of the Gulf and see dolphins daily. I respond with sharing how everyone can have whatever it is they are wanting. Start with witnessing your own thoughts. Thoughts create. If you don’t like any aspect of your life, change your thoughts about it. My yoga classes and DVD are not just about teaching the asanas (postures) they are about teaching to love, respect, appreciate, and have compassion for yourself on and off the mat. When you have that for yourself, you have that for others. This is how we will create paradise on earth with peace and justice for all! I am happy to say I am like Martin Luther King as I share in “I have a dream.”


EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla  June 10/10

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we bring you a sneak preview of previously unseen raw footage from the Mavi Marmara that will be formally released at a press conference at the United Nations later in the day. The footage shows the mood and the activities onboard the Mavi Marmara in the time leading up to the attack, and the immediate reaction of the passengers during the attack. We are joined by filmmaker and activist Iara Lee, one of the few Americans on the Mavi Marmara ship. Her equipment was confiscated, but she managed to smuggle out an hour’s worth of footage.
Iara Lee on Democracy Now: "New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla"

Filmmaker and Gaza Freedom Flotilla passenger Iara Lee, of US Campaign ally Cultures of Resistance, spoke today to Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now! and showed previously unreleased footage of the attack on the flotilla. The graphic footage shows chaotic scenes of passengers scrambling to treat gunshot wounds in an improvised below deck medical center, while above deck people used megaphones to ask for medical aid. The footage will be unveiled today at a press conference at the United Nations, but here is a sneak peak at the footage, as well as the eyewitness report of the attack from Iara Lee._____________________________________________

American Jewish peace activist Anna Balzer writes at her blog:"Far more significant than protests is the fact that worldwide disapproval has been transforming into concrete rejection of normalization with Israel, including major victories for the Palestinian movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) on Israel until it complies with international law. _____________________________________________________________

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Another one for the Twilight Zone: Israel "eases embargo" to allow snack food (but not concrete, wheelchairs, musical instruments, fishing rope...)

"Israel is easing its Gaza embargo to allow snack food and drinks into the Palestinian enclave, Palestinian officials said Wednesday, following an international outcry over Israel's raid on an aid flotilla."

Here's the list of prohibited items from Gisha, the Israeli Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, which includes cement, plaster, tar, wood, glass containers, dried fruit, coriander, fishing rods, nets, rope, size A4 paper, sewing machines, toys, fresh meat, cattle, chicks, newspapers, musical instruments, writing implements....
The absurdity of this list of items would almost be funny, if it wasn't so sickening, so obviously intended to collectively punish an entire population, if the situation in Gaza wasn't so horrendous. Tell Congress and the White House that this monstrous blockade must end by clicking here.

Mira and Noa Pop Duo 
June 2, 2010

The sounds of the pop duo Mira and Noa represent something more than music. Achinoam Nini, known to fans as Noa, is one of Israel's most popular singer-songwriters. Her singing partner is Mira Awad, an Arab-Israeli famous for her work in television and musicals. The two came together nearly a decade ago to make a statement about common purpose through their music. They recently brought their message to the U.S. and spoke to Tell Me More host Michel Martin.

"We feel that we have some kind of message to convey," Mira says. "If it's not us, then who?" Last year, the two made a splash on the world stage when they entered the Eurovision song contest (a sort of Europe-wide American Idol). Although they didn't win, their submission "There Must Be Another Way" exposed millions to a different voice in the Arab-Israeli dispute.

"If we can truly empathize with each other's sorrow, if we can cry together, then we can also reach the next level of building and overcoming all our other differences," Noa says.

"We are not representing an image of Israel, as is," Noa says. "We are representing the option of what Israel can be if there is a dialogue, and if there is reaching out."

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Friday, June 4, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. Can it be true? It seems I was just sitting down to write this yesterday, and a whole week has passed already. It is true. Time is speeding up. Okay, let’s roll up our sleeves, there’s lots to do. Last week I wrote about what we can do to help. A few people mentioned that I didn’t include the horrific oil spill. Well, that is true. I was pretty sure everyone knew about it.I think it is evident that we all need to have our voices heard in whatever way you want to participate in that we are not going to stand for any more "Drill Baby Drill." It is imperative we have Renewable Energy: Sun, Wind, Geothermal, and water. Be bold and speak up.

B.P. in Gulf of Mexico
 I did mention a heck of a lot of websites, books, movies and radio programs that can be podcast for your convenience. If you didn’t have a chance to read last Friday’s blog, you can just scroll down and find the resources I listed. As I mentioned, this is a condensed version and I have a document that lists many more which are available to you upon request. I made a point of listing these so we have the information we need to get involved. I know we are all super busy, and even if we don’t actively do anything, at least we will be informed to the extent we can respond to family, friends, or acquaintances, whether we are in conversations or receiving emails when we know that the truth is not being expressed. We need to be bold, and speak out. In perfect timing for writing my blog, I received an email from a friend of mine yesterday. Here is only one line of the “forward” in her email- "First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country." It went on and on, and was one of the most racist articles I have read. I couldn’t believe my spiritual friend sent me that. She asked what I thought of that article. I told her what I thought, and also added what is really going on in America which is destroying our great country. In a simplistic explanation, it is unregulated, predatory capitalism, and not bilingual or multi-lingual people. I learned it was her Conservative, Republican brother who sent her that email. She told me she likes to ask my opinion so she can respond to him. Now, I finally know why she has been sending those types of emails to me. If we don’t have time to read books, many can be purchased in audio book format so you can listen as you are multi-tasking. (See my list of books) One radio program you can count on to learn the truth is on You can easily become aware and informed.

The title of this blog is Be Brave, Be Bold. I am going to do that now. I actually didn’t become aware of the illegal Occupation of the Gaza Strip until I started dating Jim. I know most Americans don’t know, and I decided to share this information since what has happened just a few days ago. I copied one of the articles which is below for your convenience. The "Occupation" is one of the worst things going on for decades now and U.S. is complicit.

To find out more - Google: Noam Chomsky - Palestine Israel Occupation 101. There is a video on you tube. It is great that people from all over the world are becoming aware of the atrocities that are taking place and becoming involved. Awareness is the first step to change.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla
May 31st, 2010
In an international act of piracy and murder in international waters, the Israeli navy intercepted, boarded, and opened fire on humanitarian activists on a flotilla of ships attempting to deliver humanitarian supplies to the Israeli-blockaded Palestinian Gaza Strip.

According to news reports, Israeli commandos killed as many as 19 humanitarian activists on board one ship, and have abducted all 700 passengers on board the six boats composing the flotilla who are in the process of being sent against their will to Israel for arrest and/or deportation.

The reaction of the Obama Administration to Israel's attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla, which included U.S. citizens, has been tepid. A White House spokesperson stated that he "deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained."
Of course, this statement completely ignores U.S. complicity in arming Israel and enabling its human rights abuses. In July 2008, the United States signed a contract worth $1.9 billion to transfer the latest-generation of naval combat vessels to Israel at U.S. taxpayer expense. Currently, Congress is in the process of appropriating a record $3.2 billion in military aid to Israel this budget year.
Think what we could do with $3.2 billion in our own country!

Bottom line, what is important is that we live together in peace on a vibrant, alive planet. Together we can dream a new world into being with our prayers, visualizations and meditations. We live in a time of great challenge and change. Many are estranged from their spiritual connections to earth and each other. Deep within our souls there is a passion for peace and justice. We need to honor the wisdom of indigenous cultures and our own ancestors so we can shift to a new era of awakened consciousness.

I love receiving your emails with your comments, and if you would like to have everyone who reads my blogs see your comments, just click “Comments.”

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