Friday, December 10, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. When I started writing my blog, I really thought this would be a weekly blog…..but, it seems life somehow has all kinds of twists and turns and our best plans don’t seem to work out. So, I will alert you when I do write.

Front view of our new home

View from our deck

If you have been following me, you know that having moved from Santa Barbara to St. Petersburg, and after only living in Florida two years, we just recently moved to Nashville, TN. And, no, it is not because we enjoy moving so much. If you haven’t done it recently, let me remind you that it is no fun, I guarantee you. I must say my philosophy based on metaphysical principals has been and will be to believe that everything is happening for our highest good. The advantage of thinking this way, is that our belief creates our reality so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, there might be bumps in the road, but I feel these just make us stronger if we believe that, we grow and learn from them.

If you would have asked me to name 50 or more places I would like to live, I would have not included Nashville. I never have been to Nashville and didn’t know that much about it. This is where we ended up when Jim was offered a great job. I love the friendly people, the woods, the lakes, the cosmopolitan feel and diversity the area offers. Not to mention the amazing brand new affordable home we purchased with enormous high ceilings and views of our very own deer preserve. I absolutely love it here! Who knew???

It is time consuming and fun to buy new furniture, washer, dryer, stuff for our new home. I am not complaining. Also, I am helping the economy single handed by being such a good consumer. You should see all the books I have on lively simply and cutting our consumption. Most of the time, I really do that, but I think that we must go with the flow and know when to make exceptions. I am decorating in a Zen motif. That counts, right?
Daughter, Monica and granddaughters, Ruby and Maezy

Ruby and me

Son-in-law Chris and Maezy

Daughter, Sheila, grandson, Calvin, son-in-law Chris

Granddaughters, left to right Erika and Kelli

Sister-in-law Linda and brother, Maurice

one of my favorite places to hang out in Sacramento, The Tower Cafe
 In the midst of all of this, I took time out to travel to No. Ca. to spend Thanksgiving with my daughters and celebrate my “baby” brother’s 60th birthday. I love hanging out with my grown up kids and their great husbands, grandbabies, family members and friends. I do feel sad that I live so far away and can’t just drop in for coffee and a visit. We do have webcam and vow to use it more frequently.

You know I always add in something political or inspirational. Because of my brilliant husband who I adore, I am way more political than I ever was. We take the time to podcast shows such as,, and read emails from, watch Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, and read books such as Thom Hartmann, “Screwed,” Max Blumentahl, “Republican Gomorrah,” Chris Hedges, “Empire of Illusion,” and many others.

I used to put my entire attention on metaphysical beliefs which are to put one’s attention on what we prefer rather than focus any energy on what we don’t want. This goes, of course, not only for our personal lives, but the world at large. I still do that, but I want to know the truth of what is going on in the world. I feel I want to help inform and help the people of our great country be healthy and abundant. It certainly is easy to get confused when corporatists own the media and spin the truth.

The good news is that whatever we do is right. It is our “real life drama” and we get to write the script! I love books such as “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, and “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie. I refer to them often to keep myself on track. When we remember to be aware of our thoughts so we create the life we prefer not the one based on negative thoughts, then we reap the rewards. One thought that I had that made me miserable was trying to live up to presumed expectations others had of me. What thoughts make you miserable? Awareness is so important because once we are aware, we can make adjustments.

Wishing you much love and many magical moments. Thank you. Osha Ray

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  1. I will get the ball rolling here, so I will be the first to post a comment. So happy to reconnect and looking forward to hearing from you. Love and blessings always.

  2. Great blog, Osha, and those are sure some good looking relatives, and glad to hear you ADORE your husband!