Sunday, March 14, 2010


I’m thinking that those who are looking forward to reading my Friday Blogs are wondering what happened. It is now Saturday as I write, cruising above the clouds wondering if I will be able to post this. Yesterday was just so crazy attempting to have everything done before lift off on Saturday from Tampa. When I finished, it was late and I was too exhausted to write anything worth reading, so I just went to bed.

Let’s discuss anticipation. I am on my way to visit my daughters, grandchildren, family and friends in No. CA. I will be arriving in San Francisco and then making my way to Monterey. I will be seeing, my granddaughter, Maezy, for the first time since she was just born January 5th. Of course, I am so very excited about this visit. Ruby and Calvin will be turning two, and there will be birthday cake. I will get to hug and spend time with lots of people I really love. Don’t worry, I am not going to go on and on about my family, even though I have been told that some of you really love hearing about that. My intention with this Blog is not only sharing bits and pieces of my life, but uplifting and sharing wisdom I have learned along the way. This may serve as a reminder of what you already know, and that’s great, because I know I sure need reminders much of the time too.

U. G. Krishnamurti, the famous philosopher said, “I don’t mind what happens.” He said that was his secret to happiness. I must admit that I am not there yet. A little softer version of that is “It is what it is.” I tell myself that a lot. I am working on Krishnamurti’s philosophy. Let’s get back to having expectations. We all know that is a sure fire way of being disappointed. When one says, “I don’t mind what happens,” it sounds as if one could care less about one’s life. When one stops caring, there is no more resistance, no more struggle, and pushing against. A higher consciousness way of understanding this is to say that one trusts that all is well, and happening in divine order. The ironic part about all of this is that when you really do trust and feel all is happening perfectly, you are creating well being in your physical reality. I desire to have a grand, joyful time with my family and friends. In order to do that, I do have to let go of any expectations, and remember to say to myself, “I don’t mind what happens.” If we are honest with ourselves, we know we get hurt feelings sometimes if all doesn’t go as expected. We have a fantasy going on in our heads. It is so freeing when we actually get that.

I have been studying metaphysics for 40 years now. Yes, I was a seeker in my 20’s. As a student of Metaphysics, one knows that the reality we are experiencing is a result of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and our words. I honestly do believe that. I have seen it in my life and countless other lives as well. I know there will be a lot of objecting to what I am saying because many are experiencing ill health, unhappy relationships, and financial hardships. That happens to all of us, but have you been in the same position for a long period of time? Please take a look at your beliefs. Do you stay focused on what you are not wanting, or do you shift your attention to what you prefer? Remember, you can prefer something and not care what happens. It is called, “Detachment.” It is easy to get stuck in those same old thoughts, but now is the time we need to practice being the master of our mind, because the truth is that we are! You get to choose your thoughts and beliefs. Einstein said “Use your Imagination.”

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  1. Osha, Enjoy CA and I did view your blog. Congratulations on your efforts. I feel your joy and spirit reading your writings.

  2. have a look at this blog on UG

  3. Wisdom as always Osha - enjoy your time back in the golden state! All my best for a wonderful trip filled with love and family! : )

  4. Thanks for sharing from your heart Osha. Stay in the moment, righto?
    Best, Leah