Friday, July 23, 2010

Lost Job, Got Job

Ben (far left.),Megan (far rt.) Jim and me (Center) Ben's going away party. He got a job in Austin.

Happy Friday, everyone. Yes, I didn’t write for 2 weeks. Thank you to those that checked in with me to make sure I was all right. How thoughtful of you and appreciated by me.

I know I have been pretty darned political in my last several blogs. Some of you love it, and some don’t. But, lately, I find that worldly stuff is just too important to ignore. In this blog, I will just quote a section from a book, and then move on to what’s going on in my life and share, once again, inspirational stuff.

Excerpted from “Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” edited by Daniel Pinchbeck and Ken Jordan, the chapter entitled, If You See Something Say Something:

It’s too painful to go there, I’m headed outside for a smoke. It’s too painful to go there, I’m busy learning Italian. It’s too painful to go there, my therapist told me to stay positive. She said that whatever I experience is up to me, that I create my own world. My guru said the same thing. I see children swallowing pharmaceuticals to get through the day. I see arbitrary national borders separating us from our humanity. I see two wolves fighting in my heart, one vengeful and the other compassionate. Which one will I feed today? Will I behave as if the god in all of life matters? Or will I come after you, blaming and accusing? Which one will I feed today?

Take a moment and think about that last few sentences. Wow!

What’s been up with me? Big news was that my husband’s last day on his job in Florida was July 9th. Even though we knew that was a possibility because he is a contractor, it is still quite shocking when you learn you will be unemployed. That of course, translates into “There will be no more income.” I teach yoga classes, so we all know that does not pay the bills. Well, it used to at one point when I lived in Santa Barbara, but I taught a heck of a lot of classes and supplemented that income with being a body worker, hypnotherapist, and wedding officiant.

Of course, we both went through the phases of loss and then since we are both very spiritual, we knew it was time to find our center and create a new job. Of course, Jim did all of the necessary things in order to find a new job. So do thousands and thousands of people. And, yes, he has fantastic qualifications. But, so do thousands and thousands of people. Now, it can be called “good luck.” But, since we both are metaphysical, we know it has to do with the spiritual laws of the universe. I mentioned this in many of my other posts. It is imperative to TRUST! You have to really believe, trust, have faith you will get a job. And, not just a job, oh no, you have to trust you will get the job that will feed your soul as well as your body.

Jim wrote out what he would like to have in his new job including the “feeling” stuff, like being valued and appreciated, etc. When he was done, we lit a candle and visualized him doing the work he likes in an atmosphere that is conducive to well-being and being paid the salary he deserves. Next, we just believed he would get that job. We didn’t have any doubts. We did not care that facts say this is the worst economy in a long time. We didn’t care that more IT work is outsourced to other countries. We did not care about any negative “facts.” The most important thing was that Jim did what needed to be done to get interviews and just trusted the best job will be offered to him.

Jim’s last day, as I said, was July 9th, his new signed contract of employment was July 19th. If that wasn't great enough, two more positions were offered to him after he already signed with the company in Nashville. We were happy that Nashville came in first since we rather not have moved to New Jersey or Miami. But, it certainly was so wonderful to know that his interviews went so well he was offered three jobs!!

So this serves as a reminder to do your best to let go of the fear and doubt as soon as that thought comes in. Train your mind to think of what you prefer as your desired outcome. Practice, practice, practice, because it is a lifetime journey.

"Anything you desire to do, you can do ..... anything!"
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Live creatively, love passionately, laugh uncontrollably, and learn constantly  Until next time, my friends.

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  1. I loved this blog. Keep saying good things about me and about my professional life, honey ;)

  2. Please keep in touch as your journey continues to move you around the country. We are so glad we got a chance to know you and feel the hugs :) We're sure our paths will cross again. Much love and many positive vibes to both of you! Sassy and Mayhem

  3. Congrats to Jim on the new job! Best wishes on your move. Sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. We'll stay in touch. I appreciate the positive thoughts in this blog entry, as I continue to seek a job for myself.

  4. Congrats Jim on the new job! And a move to Nashville! Well, you're making your way back west - we'll see you in California in a couple more years! : ) All our best to you two! Keep us posted!

  5. Thank you, thank you so much for your comments. That was funny, Justin. Making my way back to CA. Hey, who is Sassy and Mayhem. I have no clue! Best of luck manifesting your perfect job, Greg. Keep your comments coming. Osha

  6. I love that saying about the two wolves it is cherokee. I have heard it said with Bears for other indian tribes. I will work on feeding the good wolf and calming the angry one. Thank you Osha for your blog and our friendship. I will miss you dearly , who knows might just some to Tennesee, I have roots I have always wanted to dig up and find my ancestors.Congrats to you and Jim for manifesting your dream. Love, Karen

  7. I see two wolves fighting in my heart, one vengeful and the other compassionate. Which one will I feed today? Will I behave as if the god in all of life matters? Or will I come after you, blaming and accusing? Which one will I feed today?