Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthdays and Reflections

Happy Birthday to my dear daughter Monica who is now 37 years old today - oh my! And...she is my youngest. Monica is mother to two adorable daughters, Ruby who is almost two and Maezy who was born January 5th. Yes, we all agree the years just fly by and one day your babies have babies of their own. I am reflecting on how I could have done things differently, but what is most important is that I continue to grow and learn from my experiences. There is the expression "older and wiser," but that is not necessarily true. I certainly know my share of old "unwise" people. Why is that? I think it is about having the intention of becoming more enlightened. Of course, not everyone uses that particular word, but you know what I'm talking about. I almost always remember to ask myself the question "What am I learning when I'm having experiences I consider to be negative?" I do my best to remember I created that experience and own it rather than blaming others. Once I own it, and take responsibility for creating the experience so I can learn from it, then I notice I either have less of those experiences or don't have any more at all. Once an experience is learned, I don't have to create it anymore. It is amazing and true for all. "You Can Do It." Millions of magical moments, Osha


  1. Osha, you looked so happy in this photo. And I like your familiar style of writing on your blog. You go girl! Nancy

  2. I just now realized there is a comment section. Thank you wild, beautiful, spirited woman.