Friday, February 26, 2010

Full Moon and a Castle

Happy Friday, everyone. I just noticed it is almost the Full Moon. So, I decided to write about a Full Moon experience. When Jim and I lived in Santa Barbara, we sometimes attended the full moon drum circle at Knapp's Castle in the Los Padres National Forest. People would arrive around sunset or after 9pm and some would stay until after midnight. After you parked your car, you had to walk around 10 - 15 minutes with the light of the full moon and a flashlight up the hill to Knapp's Castle. It was a mystical experience. If you arrived later in the evening as Jim liked to do, you entered a space filled with people drumming and dancing amongst the ruins of the castle perched high with panoramic views. Some were dressed like hippies which also gave it a certain nostalgic flavor. Frequently, there was the additional treat of watching fire performers. Once you started dancing or drumming and did it for a period of time, you enter a trance like state which is very magical. It is a form of meditation. You feel at peace and one with everything. Yes, you arrive at that meditative state without “those” substances which I don’t ingest. Maybe, we can all start drumming or dancing and have world peace.

Knapp’s Castle was built in 1916. It was a 100 ft. long mansion complete with pipe organ, observatory, servants’ quarters, etc. Now you have the idea of the amazing structure it was. It took 4 years to build and was destroyed just 5 weeks later by a fire. When I read that this amazing mansion was destroyed a little over a month after it was built, made me remember about enjoying the moment because sometimes we don’t even realize how wonderful something is until it is gone. This leads me to the bits of wisdom part of my blog. It’s not a new thought. Remember to enjoy the moment and not wait until this or that to happen before we can enjoy life. We all can find something to be happy about now. Remember not to get stuck in your thoughts that cause you to be unhappy.

As the master of your own mind, remember to live your life with a sense of awareness of being present to appreciate the “now” part of our lives. This is how to live life with joy. Sometimes we get stuck in thoughts that cause you to be unhappy. If you cannot think differently, remember to ask for help from God, Universe, Higher Power, etc. to help you think differently. When you do, you will find whatever was causing you the unhappiness will shift in one way or another.

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  1. I was so happy proud to be with you on these magical moonbathed Knapp's Castle drum circle trance dancing excursions, because to me you're not just an author, you're also my wife!

  2. Osha, life has been so hectic lately that I have forgotten to enjoy the good things. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. We need these from time to time. You are one amazing person.

    jeannette (BB&T)