Friday, May 7, 2010


from top left to right, Mo, sister-in-law, Chris, son-in-law, Sheila, daughter, Calvin, grandson, me, Monica, daughter, Ruby, grand daughter at her 2 yr. old b-day party.

                                                                                                Sheila, Chris, son-in-law,  & Calvin
FAMILY AND FRIENDS                                    
Happy Friday everyone. This certainly isn’t a new topic, although it is a topic that stays the same throughout the years. I think it will be increasingly important to take the time to be in contact and spend as much time as possible with your family and friends. If spending time in person is not possible, then we are so lucky to live in an era of all the wonderful technology that is available to us. I remember long ago when it was just a fantasy to think we could see each other when we talk, and now we can with Skype and webcams, etc. We all are so very busy with a million and one things to do, but if we don’t put spending time with our family and friends on that list, we will be sorry at some point in our lives. We are experiencing more and more disasters. We are watching Mother Earth speak out, making it virtually impossible to ignore. We are seeing banks, big insurance companies, BP, mining companies, priests, etc. etc. become exposed as their corrupt ways are revealed. We are coming together with our family and friends to form communities, grass roots organizations and support groups as we help and contribute to the various changes that need to take place. We will get through this all with each other’s support. This is not the time for being complacent. Our united voices need to be heard.

I chose this topic because I was thinking how blessed I was in having such a wonderful family and friends. You may be blessed too, but if you think you are not, remember that it is never too late to reach out. When we volunteer our time, go to classes, spiritual or religious institutions, and even just go to have coffee at the same place often, we will meet people and start friendships. It is a willingness to get out there, and patience.

Now, a few words about my trip home to CA. I loved watching and hanging out with my daugthers because I am very proud of them because I think they are amazing women and mothers. It was so heartwarming to watch my 2 year old granddaughter, Ruby, at her ballet class in Monterey, and my two year old grandson, Calvin, at his soccer class in Santa Rosa. There are so many activities for toddlers these days. I just loved holding and rocking my 3 month old grand daughter, Maezy. (See photos on last week’s blog.) My daughters are so blessed to have great husbands, and both are named Chris. I love being with them too. I also have two teen-aged daughters Erika and Kelli. They are so grown up, beautiful  and smart.  Erika on left   Kelli and Calvin on rt. 
                                                                                                         Mary & meKat & me
I had so much fun visiting my wonderful friends. Denise took me on a glorious outing to Big Sur. That evening she and her partner, Tony, made dinner for me and had a great conversation about wordly matters.  Kat treated me to an Indian dinner in Santa Rosa as we discussed her upcoming trip to Turkey. Mary prepared a home cooked meal for me, and we talked about spirituality and relationships. Another day, we acted like tourists, and went to the State Capital in Sacramento. Cherie and I lingered over Starbucks beverages for hours of visiting. These are dear friends I have had for 10-30 years. I loved hanging out with my great brother, Maurice, and sister-in-law, Linda, as we took their dogs for walks in the beautiful 77 acres of Ancil Hoffman Park in Fair Oaks several mornings – not to mention the great meals we had at their home and in various restaurants including the Slocum House.      

I also went to see my ex-husband, Tony and his wife, Cathy. It was important to stop by because our beloved dog, Spirit, is now 19 years old. I didn’t want an opportunity to slip by and not see him because who knows how much longer he will be around. It was good to see all doing well. Of course, I did so much more, and wanted to write about it all, but it would be far too much to read about.
Cherie & me
Brother, Maurice & meSister-in-law, Linda & me. Spirit with b-day hat and Dexter

To wrap this up, I want to make available to anyone who wants to get involved or just become more informed about the truth of what is going on  behind the scenes of broadcast news. So if you are interested, please email me, and I will attach a document with numerous resources.

This is my way of connecting with you all when I can’t see, phone or email you personally. I do reply to everyone who writes me. Remember, I love hearing from you too.

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