Friday, May 21, 2010


Where is He? Where is She?

Third date pedi-cab ride in Santa Barbara

Happy Friday everyone. It seems like a question regarding finding one’s true love or mate is a topic often discussed. Let’s talk about finding “the one.” Some meet through friends, some take out ads, some go on line and join and the multitude of others that are available. There are numerous ways to accomplish the feat of finding love. I know people who say they have tried everything for years and haven’t found the right person. What I want to do now is to remind those that know about the spiritual way to manifest meeting your mate, or to introduce those that don’t know about the power of manifesting. We all do it. Just some of us do it with awareness and some of us do it without awareness.

The same principle applies whether you want to find your mate, get a new job, or have better health. You have to make that decision without doubts. If you are not sure, God, Universe, or whatever it is that you believe in, won’t know what to give you.I believe we are co-creators with the Divine. This is an anology. It is like going into a restaurant and saying, “I am not sure what I want.” The server will bring you what you want when you tell them. And, just like being in the restaurant, once you give the order, you trust that it will be brought to you. Do you worry that once you put in your order, they will forget and not bring it out? Of course, that could happen, but rarely does. It is the same with wanting to be in a committed relationship. This is the important part to remember. “ You decide what you want, and trust you will have it.” It could come in any number of ways. The method you use is not the important part. Knowing what you want and trusting is the important part. I will share with you what I did.
 When I decided I was ready to meet the right person, I bought a beautiful greeting card that was blank inside. I wrote out all of the important qualities I wanted in my mate. I did not write that this person would be a millionaire because I don’t believe that a millionaire would fall in love with me. Now, that could happen, I just didn’t believe it would happen. So you do have to write what you believe. Then I lit a candle, set my intention, and just had a feeling, a strong sense of trusting that the man I was going to meet and marry would come into my life.

 For any of you reading this that are in their 50’s, and don’t think it is possible for this to happen to anyone in that age range, think again. A couple of weeks later, I met Jim in a parking lot at a park. We both were there for an event. He was already leaving and I was just arriving. After we talked for a while, he asked for my card and he called the next night. He really had all of the qualities I had listed on my card, and it was a pretty long list too. Actually, in many ways, he was even better than I imagined!  We dated, fell in love, and got married. Happy manifesting.

Jim proposes and gives me an engagement ring!

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  1. My intention is to share uplifting stories so others can feel empowered to create more joy in their lives. Please share your stories too or make comments.

  2. I already forgot how to do this but I tried a few times and hope this works.
    As usual my sweet friend the blog is terrific. You always inspire me and even though I have NO desire for a relationship I know it will work if people employ your technique. I have seen you bring forth many things in the 20 plus years we have been friends and I encourage all who read your blog to take heed and follow your instructions.
    I remain grateful for the moment we met a couple of decades ago. Life brought me a bouquet of roses when I met you. Hugs, Cherie

  3. Always a good reminder to decide on and then open up your intentions to the universe! So often I find myself wondering what will come next and then it dawns on me that I decide on what comes next!
    Like Capt. Jean Luc Picard said on Star Trek The Next Generation, "Make it so."

  4. Thank you, Osha.....I needed that. You are a wise soul and I enjoyed your blog very much.
    Hugs, Elena.