Thursday, June 17, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone. Many thanks for all who wrote words of love and support in your comments and emails. I am thrilled to know so many people read my blog. It is my intention to do what I can to inform, share, empower and even call to action.

I entitled this week’s blog “Everyday Grace,” because I love Marianne Williamson’s book by that title. Her writings are based on the teachings of the Course in Miracles which I have been studying for years. Quoting from her book, Everyday Grace,
 “What is not love, according to A Course in Miracles, is a call for love”.

Below is an excerpt from Everyday Grace
“Bless everyone mentioned in every news story, no matter where they stand or what they do. For what we bless is delivered to divine right order. Bless those who do harm, as well as those who do good, for any judgment blocks the light and keeps miracles at bay. Becoming emotionally reactive when we are confronted with darkness only serves to keep the darkness alive. Reacting to fear with fear merely feeds the fear. Instead, let us claim for ourselves the power of love. Read about war? Pray to be a peacemaker. Read about abused children? Pray to be an advocate for them. Read about corruption? Pray to be an active citizen who does his or her part to change that. Read about a reign of terror? Pray to see a loving world that exists in a realm beyond it, and for God to make you a significant part of the effort to bring it forth. We invoke another world first by simply accepting that it is there. It’s not, not something to be created, so much as something to be recognized. And that recognition is the miracle.”  

How powerful it would be to read this daily. We do make a difference in how we think, feel, and speak. We tend to forget this and need reminders. We must train ourselves to put our attention on what we prefer and that goes for worldly affairs as well as our own. When we think of war, oil catastrophe, climate change, job loss, or any of the countless areas where you would like things to be different, use your imagination to see as you would prefer it to be. Einstein said it best. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” We can do better than fighting, complaining, criticizing and blaming. We can spend that time becoming active and involved. We can spend that time using our imagination for any cause that will enhance the good for all. Or, we can do both by using our imagination and becoming active too. I know countless people already believe this and countless others think this is airy, fairy nonsense. This book might make a believer out of you!
Log on to Take a look at his book, The Language of the Divine Matrix.

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Enjoy your journey.

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